Target Area Selection

Rebuilding Together targets its home rehabilitation assistance to a selected geographic area determined each year.  Within this area, approximately 20 homes are rehabilitated at no cost to the homeowner.

Using its general understanding of areas around South Bend, Rebuilding Together begins the selection process by developing a list of candidate areas where it might make a positive impact.  Available data, including housing conditions, homeownership rate, income levels, age of the population, and past program participation, are then compiled for each possible project area.  With this data, Rebuilding Together selects the area where it believes it can best fulfill its mission.  Moreover, Rebuilding Together desires to work in areas where collaboration with neighborhood-based organizations can make its efforts even more effective.

2019 Neighborhood Selection

The Neighborhood Selected for the 2019 Rebuilding Together program is the LaSalle Park neighborhood and far west side. Applications have been delivered to homeowners in the selected areas. To view the selected area refer to the 2019 Rebuilding Together Map of Neighborhood.

Rebuilding Together has worked in many South Bend neighborhoods in its history.

Rebuilding Together Target Areas

2018: Far Southside & Monroe Park

2017: Southside/Southeast Side
2016: Rum Village, Southeast Side
2015: Kennedy Park
2014: Near Northwest / Lincoln Park
2013: West Side / LaSalle Park
2012: River Park
2011: Belleville
2010: Marquette Park – Keller Park
2009: River Park
2008: LaSalle Academy
2007: Lincoln School
2006: West Side / LaSalle Park
2005: Near Westside / Kennedy Park
2004: Rum Village
2003: Miami Village
2002: West Side / LaSalle Park
2001: West Side
2000: Northeast
1999: Near Westside
1998: Northwest / Near Northwest
1997: Northwest / Near Northwest
1996: Rum Village
1995: Rum Village
1994: Southeast
1993: Southeast
1992: West Side / Oliver Gateway (St. Casimir)
1991: West Side / Oliver Gateway (St. Casimir)
1990: West Washington
1989: Northeast