Community Volunteer Day 2021 has been cancelled due to COVID-19. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still volunteer! If you are interested in volunteering your time to help repair and rehabilitate a client’s home in summer/fall 2021, please reach out to Elizabeth Leachman:
574-289-1066 x 1215

Repair work would include mostly outside work: landscape, yard clean-up, scraping/painting, caulking, etc. Some minimal interior work may be done on specific homes, mostly involving cleaning.

Any adult or group (under 18 requires adult supervision) can volunteer to assist in rehabilitating homes. No particular home repair skills are required. Volunteers need only come ready to work on Community Volunteer Day (held each April) from approximately 8:00am until the home is completed mid-afternoon. Individuals who have not been assigned a house may report to the Command Center that morning. Larger groups (5+ people) should contact Rebuilding Together before Community Volunteer Day so that a house assignment may be determined in advance.

Rebuilding Together will direct volunteers to a house, provide all the tools and supplies needed, give a boxed lunch, and have a post-event meal. Those familiar with construction and organizing work teams are encouraged to become a house captain, the person who manages the repair work at a home on Community Volunteer Day. We hope you can assist us this year. The need is great and the more hands that help, the more that can be done.

For more information: please feel free to email Rebuilding Together at info@rebuildingtogethersjc.org. Want a Rebuilding Together volunteer to come to speak to your group? Let us know when and where at the same email address above.

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